How To Train An American Bully Puppy

Training an American Bully is an exciting activity that brings happiness and friendship. No matter if you have a young pup or an older Bully, teaching them can be enjoyable and satisfying. In this guide, we’ll discover the steps and methods to train your American Bully effectively. We’ll also keep it straightforward and positive to have a well-behaved and joyful companion. So, keep exploring and learning in a positive manner.

When  And How To Train An American Bully Breed?

You can start training an American Bully puppy when they’re around 8 weeks old. They are young and eager to learn. Begin with basic commands and positive rewards. Train them patiently and consistently for the best results.

For older Bully dogs, training can happen at any age. However, starting when they’re young helps build good habits early. Remember, be patient, and use positive reinforcement for successful training.

5 Basic Commands For Your American Bully Puppy

Building your American Bully puppy’s training foundation is crucial. It may take some time, but be patient. Practice these 5 basic commands regularly with tasty treats. Reward them every time they do the command and make them hold the command longer.


Hold a treat close to your dog’s nose. Raise your hand, and they’ll sit. Say “Sit” and give the treat. Add praise. Do this a lot, then wait longer before giving the treat. You can use your hand as a signal. Eventually, just showing your hand will make them sit.


Once your dog sits, say “Stay” for a count of three, then let them go. Make them sit longer over time. After mastering this, move away slowly and reward them. Add challenges and distractions as they get better at staying while you’re away. The aim is to prepare them for real-life situations.


Teach “Come” for various situations. Make it fun and rewarding. Use a leash at first. Gesture to yourself, say “Come,” and gently guide them if needed. Treat and praise when they’re close. Remove the leash as they improve. Combine with “Stay” and “Come” for practice.

Leave It

Make your puppy sit or stay. Put a treat on the floor between you. Say “leave it” and use a hand signal. Wait a few seconds, then say “yes” to let them have it. Do this with more time and space. Praise them for leaving it.


Use “Down” for getting your dog to lie down. Hold a treat and guide them with your hand to the floor. Move your hands away to make them stretch out. When they’re lying down, say “Down” and give the treat. If they struggle, mix in some “Sit” commands to keep them engaged and happy.

Advanced Training For Your American Bully

Once your American Bully knows the basics, teach them specific tricks or practical skills. These can be fun tricks or useful tasks like running beside a bicycle. Remember, meet their basic needs first. Bullies are athletic but can get overweight if not exercised, affecting their mood.

Positivity During Training

Use positive reinforcement when training your dog. Praise and reward good behavior so they understand what you want. Avoid reacting angrily or aggressively; it confuses them. Aggression can make them aggressive or passive. Instead, use a simple “no” for mistakes. Focus on the good, not the bad.


American Bully dogs are social. Family surroundings are ideal for socialization. Start with outdoor walks to meet people and pets. It’s good for exercise and leash training. Introduce your dog to neighbors, people on walks, and other pets.


Get them used to visiting the vet. But wait, if your pup isn’t vaccinated yet. Puppies bite and chew, so be cautious with socialization before vaccination.

Click Training

You can also try clicker training. It’s safe and effective. Clicker gets your dog’s attention. When your dog does what you ask, click and reward the good behavior. Clickers are easy to find and use.

Potty Training

Dogs don’t like to pee indoors naturally. Start by showing puppies it’s bad to do so. Housebreaking needs consistency and patience. It takes time, maybe a month or more. As your puppy grows, they’ll need fewer bathroom breaks. But they won’t signal you at first. If accidents happen inside, clean them up right away with a pet cleaner.


Don’t let your dog think it’s okay to go there. To potty train your Bully puppy, take them out regularly. Walk them until they go, then praise them. Watch for signs as they get older, and take them out when needed.

Crate Training

Crate training is a good way to teach obedience to your Bully. It’s a safe and comfy space for your dog, not a punishment. The crate should be big enough for them to move comfortably. Put it in a common area, not hidden away. Add a blanket, toys, and food to make it cozy.


Don’t force your pup inside. Show it’s a great place. Feed them with the door open, and when they’re comfy, close it briefly. Gradually crate train until they’re okay with being in there when you’re not around or at night.

Tips To Consider Before Training

  • Building trust with your Bully is vital.
  • Proper training and positive reinforcement help them know what’s expected.
  • Anticipate how your dog reacts in different situations and avoid what stresses them.
  • Understand your dog’s body language: face, posture, eyes, and tail.
  • Playtime strengthens your bond; dogs see it as a reward.
  • Regular play helps you communicate and understand your dog better.


You and your Bully can achieve great things together through simple, positive training. Celebrate the progress and enjoy your friendship. A well-trained Bully is not just a joy to be around but a happy, well-adjusted dog. Keep practicing and praising. In this way, you’ll have a wonderful companion in your well-trained American Bully.

By Gagnon

Dedicated Veterinarian with a passion for animal care and well-being. Extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions in diverse animal species. Committed to providing compassionate and effective healthcare to furry and feathered friends.