Blue American Bully

The American Bullies are very loving and caring dogs. They are commonly known as American Bulldogs. They are famous as companion dogs. American bullies are very loyal and sincere to their masters. They are famous because of their heavy, muscular body and adorable features and are found in different sizes.

American Bullies are categorized into five main types and classified based on their sizes. Here we are discussing a unique type of American bully which is Blue American Bullies. In this article, we tried to cover every detail about the blue American Bullies. If you are a dog lover and want to know minor details about them, here you go and keep enjoying reading this amazing article.

Blue American Bullies

We all know that American bullies are the breed of American pit bull and American Staffordshire. Blue American Bullies are one of the most unique and adorable types of bullies. They are famous among dog lovers across the US due to their amazing bluish color.

Origins Of The Blue American Bullies

The Blue American Bully is an amazing and new breed of American bully. They possess uniqueness in their look due to their color.

Popularity Of Blue American Bullies

Blue American Bullies are very famous among dog and pet lovers. People love to keep them at home among their families. They are very obedient and protective to their masters. They are very social and human-friendly animals and love to play with kids as well. Blue American bullies possess a very kind nature. They never showed aggressive behavior until or unless they were forced to do so. Blue bullies look so adorable but they are more likely to have several skin diseases including Colour Dilution Alopecia.

Appearance Of Blue American Bullies

Appearance Of Blue American Bullies

Blue American bullies possess a very strong, thick, and muscular body frame and have a large head which gives them a fierce and bold look and makes them different from other bulldogs.


A Muzzle is a prominent facial feature of American bullies with nose openings and helps in breathing.


They possess oval-shaped eyes which possess any colour except blue color. Because blue color is not desirable for American bullies.


The forelegs and back legs of American bullies are heavily muscular and help them to move easily.


The height of a blue American male bully ranges from 17 to 20 inches while the height of a female bully ranges from 16 to 19 inches.


The color of the American bully varies from deep blue to Merle’s coat pattern.


There isn’t any specific standard given for the weight of blue-American bullies.

Life Span Of Blue American Bullies

The life span of Blue Bullies is estimated about 10 to 13 years.

Types Of Blue American Bullies

Types Of Blue American Bullies

Following are the four main types of American Bullies which are mainly classified based on color and size:

  • Blue American Bully XL
  • Blue Brindle American Bully
  • Pocket Blue American Bully
  • Blue Merle American Bully
  • Solid Color Blue American Bully
  • Tricolor Blue American Bully

●      Blue American Bully XL

As the name indicates this type of bullies are large-sized and big dogs. Their weight ranged up to 150 pounds. Although Blue American XL Bully looks more fierce and intimidating, they are super adorable with a very kind and loving nature. They never show aggression until or unless they are forced to act aggressively. Blue American XL bullies are very social even they are easily settled anywhere and deal with strangers very patiently

●      Blue Brindle American Bully

This type of bully is found very rare and is not easily available. Brindle is a bluish-gray shade. They got this brindle color from a recessive gene of their parents. Due to recessive genes, they are available in different colors including tricolor as well. Some of the Brindle American bully also possess tiger-like stripes on their skin.

●      Pocket Blue American Bully

This is one of the most adorable types of Bully American Bullies. As the name indicates they are very small in size. They are very loving and caring pets. People love to keep them at their home. Due to their small size, kids are highly attracted to them. Pocket Bully is a perfect family dog.

●      Blue Merle American Bully

The prominent feature of this type of bully is the presence of dark spots on their skin which make them different from other types of blue American bullies. They are very unique having beautiful blue eyes. The merle pattern on their body makes them more adorable and eye catchy.

●      Solid Color Blue American Bully

In this type of blue American bully, the most prominent feature that makes them different from other types is the presence of blue pigmentation or patches over the skin. White or fawn-colored patches are visible on their chest and belly region.

●      Tricolor Blue American Bully:

This type of American bully is rarely found. They have a different color pattern most of the parts of the body are covered with blue color while the chest region is white and the face and legs are tan color.

Temperament Of Blue American Bullies

Temperament Of Blue American Bullies

Blue American bullies possess a very gentle and calm nature and behave very patiently toward kids and others. They are very sincere and protective of their masters and protect them from any sort of harm and danger.

Some of the highlighted points of their temperament are given as under:

●      Behavior With Children

Blue bullies are very calm and gentle with kids and behave so well with them.

●      Behavior with Strangers

They behave very patiently with strangers but they are very alert and protective of their masters.

Health Issues Of Blue Bullies

Blue American bullies also face certain health issues. Some of the very common health issues faced by bullies are described below:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataract
  • Color Dilution Alopecia
  • Demodicosis

●      Hip Dysplasia

Due to this disease, the bully can’t move properly and mobility is highly affected with severe pain.

●      Cataract

It is a very common health problem faced by certain bullies. A layer came across the eye due to which bullies have blurred vision and can’t see things properly.

●      Color Dilution Alopecia

In this disease, bullies suffer from extreme hair loss. Dryness of the skin occurs and this disease is common in bullies having bluish patches or pigmentation on their skin.

●      Demodicosis

This disease comes with the symptoms of severe itching and allergic conditions.

Best Food For Blue Bullies

Here is the list of best foods for blue bullies:

  • Raw food
  • Home-made food

Raw Food

Raw food means uncooked food. Bullies love to eat following uncooked food.

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Fruits

Raw food boosts the immunity of bullies and provides rapid energy for the growth of muscles and bones.

Homemade Food

Giving homemade food to your bullies is one of the best decisions. Homemade fresh food is the best and rapid source of energy for bullies.

Cost Of Blue American Bullies

The cost of Blue American bullies ranges from $2500 to $15000.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Blue American Bullies dangerous for kids?

No, Blue American Bullies are not very dangerous. They possess a very calm and gentle nature. They are very kind and loving to their masters

  1. Are the Blue American Bullies social and friendly?

Blue American Bullies are very social and friendly and love to live between kids and families.

Final Words

In this article, we explain every minor detail regarding “Blue American Bullies”.

If you are a pet lover and want to know about Blue bullies, this article helps you a lot, and if you want to know further about them leave your comment in the comment box.

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