Are American Bullies Aggressive Or Dangerous

American Bullies are the breed of Staffordshire and American Pitbull. Usually, there is a concept that American bullies are so dangerous and aggressive. Keep reading this article as the content of the article helps you to clear your confusion regarding the aggression of American bullies. Usually, the bullies owner sees the danger factor of keeping them at home before adopting them such as aggression, fear, and others.

In this article, you can get a clear pic of American bullies’ aggression. Therefore, if you wanted to know more about how much bullies are dangerous, this article is highly recommended and worth reading for you.

American Bullies Are Companion Dogs

Despite their fierce and frightening look American bullies are very caring and loving dogs. They are very sincere and loyal to their masters and obedient to them. People love to keep them in their houses as they are highly alert and protective. Due to their kind and gentle nature, they are also called companion dogs.

Are The American Bullies Dangerous And Aggressive?

American bullies look frightening but they are very calm and peaceful. It’s not observed commonly that American Bullies show aggression but yes some factors produce a great impact on their behavior regarding aggression and belligerence.


Common Factors Of Aggression

Some Common Factors that Provoke them to be aggressive are highlighted as under:

  • Loneliness
  • Fear
  • Lack Of Proper Training
  • Pain
  • Poor Care
  • Gender
  • Size Of Bully

1.   Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the most common factors which direct affect the behavior of American bullies and produce aggression. They are very social and love to live between humans. Due to feeling lonely, they become so insecure and highly aggressive, and anxious.

2.    Fear

Fear is the main factor that makes bullies more aggressive and anxious. As the bullies are very social and loving pets, therefore, on being lonely and getting bad behavior from their master they show fearful and aggressive behavior that makes them dangerous and frightful.

3.    Lack Of Proper Training

Training matters a lot in the brought up of American bullies. Some people adopt them but forget the basic training tips that how to train the bullies and handle them. Lack of training directly impacts the behavior of bullies. Therefore, it is very important to train them adequately.

4.   Pain

Physical pain produces a very negative impact on the well-being of American bullies. After bearing extreme pain bullies got belligerent and emotionally detached from their owners.

5.    Poor Care

Due to lacking proper care towards American Bullies they become aggressive and display very anxious behavior. They are very gentle and loving pets. Due to their kind nature, they also expect proper attention from the owners towards them. Therefore, when they don’t get proper attention and face bad behavior from their master they become fierce.

6.    Gender

Sex is also a very important factor in aggression. It has been observed that aggressive behavior is very high in male bullies compared to female bullies.

7.    Size Of Bully

Size is directly related to the temperament of American bullies. After several researches, it has been observed that the more the size of the bully the more will be the aggression.

Factors Overcome The Bully’s Aggression

  • Full Attention
  • Proper Training
  • Care and Affection:
  • Daily Exercise


1.   Full Attention

American bullies are very loving pets and want full attention from their masters. If you pay full attention to them they become so much loyal. In this way, you can control their anger and aggressive temperament.

2.   Proper Training

After adopting them proper training is very mandatory for bullies. Thus they know how to deal with their aggression and respond positively.

3.   Care And Affection

Care and affection are the key factors that make anyone humble and calm. It is the best way to overcome your bully’s aggressive and anxious behavior.

4.   Daily Exercise

Physical activity helps to prevent depression and make the bullies fit and strong. Take your bullies on a regular walk so they interact with other pets and become more friendly and social.

Behavior Of Bullies With Other Pets

The behavior of bullies with other pets is also a very considerable point. Being an owner of a bully it is very keen to know the behavior of dogs with other animals. American bullies are very friendly and social pets and interact easily with other dogs and cats. Many people keep cats in their homes and also adopt bullies. Although bullies look fierce towards cats due to their large size they respond so well because of their gentle nature. Therefore, it is necessary to let them interact and create a friendly relationship between them.

Behavior Of American Bullies With Kids

Bullies are very kind and gentle towards kids. This is the reason in America people love to adopt bullies and keep them in their houses as a pet. They are very friendly and protective of their owners and kids. They are highly alert and love to play with kids.

Behavior Of Bullies As A Family Dog

Due to their loyal and protective nature, they are also called companion dogs. They are very friendly and loving animals.

Are Bullies Sincere Towards Their Masters?

This question frequently arises are the bullies sincere towards their masters? So, the answer is yes, bullies are very loyal and obedient to their masters. After proper training, they respond so well to their owner’s command. They are very alert and always ready to protect their owners from any sort of harm and danger. That’s why they are also called guard dogs.

FAQS Regarding The Aggression Of American Bullies:

1.   Are American bullies dangerous for kids?

No, American bullies are not dangerous for kids. Despite their rough and fierce appearance, they are very gentle for the kids.

2.   Are American bullies loyal to their owners?

Yes, American bullies are very loyal and protective towards their masters and always ready to protect them at any cost.

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