American Bully XL

American bullies are the breed of American pitbull and American Staffordshire. They are very loyal and sincere to their masters and love to live between family members and kids that’s why they are also called family dogs.

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American Bully XL

American XL bully is one of the four types of American bullies. The name indicates that XL bullies are heavily muscular and large in size. They possess a strong body frame which gives them an intimidating look. American XL bullies are very calm and behave gently until or unless they are provoked to behave aggressively.

Origin Of American XL Bully

American XL bullies are the breed of American bully with American Pitbulls and American Staffordshire terriers. In 1990 they were developed by the American Bully Kennel Club They are also called the mixed breed. They are very devoted and kind dogs with adoring features.

Physique Of American Bully XL

Physically American XL bullies are very strong and bold. Some of the main features of their physique are highlighted below:

●    Height

The height of male XL bully ranges up to 23 inches while the height of female ranges up to 22 inches.

●    Weight

The weight of American XL bullies ranges between 70 to 150 pounds as they are heavily muscular and big dogs.

●    Color

American XL bullies are available in several shades including black, grey, white, brown, fawn, and tan.

●    Eyes

The XL bullies have oval-shaped eyes. Pigmented eyes are not desirable for this type of American bully.

●    Muzzle

The muzzle is present with proper nose openings through which they breathe.

●    Shoulders

They have strong and broad shoulders.

●    Jawline

Well-defined jawlines are present.

●    Chest

A wide and broader chest is the prominent feature of the American XL Bully.

Family Of XL Bully

The American XL bully is mainly a breed of American pitbull, American Staffordshire, and Staffordshire bull terrier. The family of XL bullies is mainly highlighted as under:

  • American Bulldog
  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • American PitBull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lifespan Of XL Bully

The life expectancy of the Xl bullies ranged between 10 to 12 years of age. But after proper care, the age of healthy bullies would last up to 15 years of age.

Tips For Taking Care Of Bullies Health

  • Proper bathing with dog shampoo.
  • Brushing their teeth regularly to avoid gum and teeth problems.
  • Give a shower to your bully just once or twice a week as overbathing can dry the bully’s skin.
  • Properly monitoring the skin of bullies to prevent any sort of skin infection.
  • Trim the nails properly on time.
  • Bring them to a veterinary doctor at least once a month for proper follow-up.

Temperament Of American XL Bully

XL Bullies are very loving and caring pets. Some important aspects of their temperament are highlighted below:

●    Behavior With Master

XL Bullies are very generous and loyal to their masters. They are highly alert and protective and always fulfill the orders of their masters. That’s why they are also called obedient and companion dogs.

●    Behavior With Kids

XL bullies possess a very kind and loving nature. They love to play with kids and protect them from danger. But it’s very important to train them before leaving with kids alone. XL Bullies are commonly known as family dogs due to their gentle behavior with family members and kids.

●    Behavior With Strangers

XL Bullies behave very calmly with strangers as well. They look fierce and aggressive but never act aggressively until they are forced to do so

Health Issues Of American XL Bullies

Here we explain some common health issues through which XL Bullies suffered mostly:

●    Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

It is a common genetic problem in which bullies suffer from severe pain because of the abnormal growth of the hip and elbow joint. This condition is called Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

●    Canine Hip Dysplasia

It is a genetic disorder in which there is an abnormal growth of the hip joint which causes severe pain and irritation. This condition requires surgery with proper care.

●    Obesity

Obesity is commonly found in bullies and further leads to several complications including cardiac issues, diabetes, and others.

●    Cancer

A very common fatal disease through which XL bullies are going through is cancer. Treatment of cancer is only possible if it is detected early or at the initial stage.

●    Kidney Disease

Sometimes bullies suffer from severe kidney infections which leads to further health-related complications.

●    Skin Diseases and Allergies

XL bullies also suffer from severe skin infections and allergies which may caused due to some food, mites, or dust allergies.

Diet For American XL  Bullies

Food is the main source of energy and helps to grow and increase the weight of bullies. Protein-rich diets are highly favorable as they provide rapid energy to the bullies. Avoid overfeeding your dogs because it may cause severe food poisoning and lead to several diseases including obesity and heart-related issues.

Cost Of American XL Bullies

The cost of American XL Bully ranged between $5000 to $10000.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is XL Bully dangerous?

No, American XL Bullies are not dangerous. In spite of their fierce look, they behave very gently and possess a very kind nature. They love to live among families and kids. They are very adorable pets.

  • Are XL Bullies trained easily?

Yes, XL Bullies are trained very easily and are very obedient and loyal to their masters.

  • Are XL American Bullies social?

Yes XL Bullies are very social and human-friendly and love to interact with humans like other pets.

Final Words

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