American Bully Ears cut style and facts

The features of American bullies are unique as compared to other dogs. They have a rough appearance with a fierce look. The main features of their physique include their big mouth and large cropped ears. In this article, we are going to discuss the concept of a cropped ear of bullies. If you are an owner of bullies then you get amazing information regarding different styles for cropping ears by reading this article.

American Bully Ear Crop Style And Facts

Here we discuss different styles of cropping ear through which you can get an idea of how to make your bully looks more fascinating after cropped ear.

Ear Cropping

Ear cropping is defined as a surgery of removing the loose flap of the bully’s ear.

Facts Behind Ear Cropping

The main purpose of cropping ears is to beautify the bully’s features so, that the bullies look enhanced and the features become more elegant.


The surgery for removing ear flaps or pinnae is called peinnectomy. This surgery is performed after giving anesthesia to a bully by a veterinary doctor in a clinic. This procedure is illegal but unfortunately still in practice for a decorative look.

Merits And Demerits Of Ear Cropping

Every procedure has some merits and demerits. Here we explain some major merit and demerits of ear cropping:

Merits And Demerits Of Ear Cropping

Merits Of Ear Cropping

Some common advantages that have been observed in bullies after ear cropping are described as under:

1.  Reduce Risks Of Injuries

One of the benefits of ear cropping is to reduce the risk of injuries especially if your dog is a guard dog.

2.  Prevention Of Ear Infection

Health factor is also a considerable point. In some cases, it has been observed that cropping of the ear also helps to reduce ear infections in bullies.

3.  Beautify The Features

The other advantage of ear cropping in bullies is to beautify the physical features and let them look more elegant.

4.  Improve Hearing

Ear cropping also helps to improve the hearing issues of bullies and the removal of ear flaps helps the them to listen appropriately as the sound waves directly reach the inner ear.

Demerits Of Ear Cropping

There are certain demerits of ear cropping as well. Some main demerits of ear cropping are highlighted as under:

1.  Removal Surgery

The foremost demerit of cropping ear in American bullies is the surgical process. We also know that after or during surgery there may be chances of complications that makes the procedure worsen like excessive bleeding, cut mark, wounds, and improper healing. The most important factor is the fear that makes your bully aggressive or anxious.

2.  Pain After Procedure

Here we discuss post-surgical pain. We know that cropping of the ear is a very painful and tough procedure. This procedure is done after giving anesthesia. When the effects of anesthesia are wiped off then extreme pain will feel by your dog.

3.  Post-Surgery Care

Post-surgery care is very important. If there is any lacking in proper care after surgery. It may lead to worsen the wound or incision or cause any infection to the incision region. That is why it’s very important to provide proper care and attention to your bully after surgery. Change the bandages at least twice a day and give the dose of analgesics properly on time.

Types Of The Ear Cropping

There are certain types of ear cropping for American bullies. Here we explain the four best types of ear cropping for bullies:

  • Short Crop
  • Show Crop
  • Battle Crop
  • Long Crop

1.  Short Crop

It is one of the simplest types of ear crop among all types of cropping for bullies. in this type of cropping, only the loose part of the upper ear’s flap is removed. In short crop, there is a low risk of ear infection so it is very common nowadays. It gives a very amazing and original look to your bullies. The most important preference of this type is that it takes less time for healing and is less painful as compared to other types.

2.  Show Crop

It is a very crucial type of ear cropping among all types. In this cropping, almost the whole ear flap is removed and only a small part remains. This procedure is very painful and sometimes causes severe infection. The procedure of long cropping is extensively very sensitive and takes a very long time for complete healing. You have to be very alert and provide proper care to your dog so that the incision heals rapidly. This cropping gives your dog a new belligerent look. After this cropping, your dog needs proper care and cleaning of wounds regularly. Keeps an eye on them and let your bully be restricted from scratching his ears.

3.  Battle Crop

It is one of the shortest types of cropping for bullies. In this type of ear cropping, there may be a  chance of ear infection in your bullies. Thus it is very important to provide proper care to your dog and give them veterinary doctor’s prescribed medicines on time. After this cropping regular dressing is mandatory as the ear canal opens so regular cleaning is important.

4.  Long Crop:

It is one of the longest cropping. In this type of ear cropping, cut a very small portion of the bully’s ear. After this cropping bully looks amazing and unique. After this cropping, you need to take care of the bully to prevent infection. In the long cropping of American bully, only 20% ear is cut while 80% of the ear leaving untouched.

Choosing The Best Ear Crop For Your American Bully

Before the cropping of bullies’ ears first check the types of your bully’s breed and personality. Before deciding which ear crop is best and suits the bully’s personality. Just go and visit the veterinarian. Before cropping check all the vitals. The ear cropping procedure is not temporary. Thus, it is necessary to do lots of research and reviews before doing it.

Healing Of Cropped Ear Of American Bully

After cropping of ear the aftercare is very important. The wounds or incisions must be dry and clean. No shower is allowed to take for about two weeks. Proper dressing is required. After surgery, it is important to give them the proper medications prescribed by a veterinary doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cropping of bullies ’ ears legal?

Somewhere it is considered illegal while in the U.S. it is not banned at all so yes it is legal in the U.S. But this procedure is not mainly done if it’s not required as it is completely inhuman and painful.

Are cropped ears painful?

Yes, the cropping of the ear is a very painful cosmetic procedure and after surgery requires proper care for the healing of wounds.

Final Words

This article explains almost everything about the cropping of bullies’ ears. If you are a pet lover and wanted to do your bullies’ ear cropping, through this article you can get a complete picture of the ear cropping of American bullies.

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