American Bullies Bloodlines

American Bullies are the breed of American Pit Bull and Staffordshire. They are very adorable, loyal, and obedient to their masters. They were bred as guards and companion dogs and were developed by the Kennel Club in 2004. Pet lovers love to keep bullies at their place because they are very kind animals. American bullies are very famous among pet lovers and highly demanded due to their versatile qualities.

They bred in a very large number due to their high demands. Due to their protective and kind nature kids love to keep them in their homes. They are highly alert and always ready to protect their owners from any sort of harm and hazards. That’s why people in America want to invest in them.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the American Bullies Bloodlines in detail.

American bullies are very quick learners and easily trained. They look fierce and aggressive but mainly they are very calm and peaceful. They are mainly classified into five main categories according to their weight and sizes including Classic, Standard, Pocket, Extreme, and XL. They are healthy and strong. Their life span ranges between 8 to 12 years. Their average weight is about 30 to 40 kgs.

American Bullies Kennel

Due to the high marketing demand of American bullies, the breeders do their business very efficiently. Dog lovers love to buy and sell them. For this, they require an amazing kennel to keep bullies comfortable.

American Bullies Bloodlines

American Bullies Bloodlines are defined as the dog families through which the breed produces the best and most demanded ones. The bullies that developed from strong bloodlines are healthy and are the most wanted in the market.

Top 10 Best American Bloodlines

The top 10 most amazing American bloodlines are categorized as under:

1.      The Razor’s Edge Bloodline:

It is one of the most renowned bloodlines of bullies around the world. It is Dave Wilson whose name always remember when we talk about the Razor Edge bloodlines. He started working on his genetic knowledge regarding bullies and finally, the credit for developing razor bloodlines goes to him.

Due to his immense hard work and intelligence, Razor Edge becomes one of the top ten bloodlines of American bullies. Due to his amazing work, there has been a big change in the history of American bully’s kennel.

He produced muscular and strong bullies through these bloodlines. The two main types of American bullies including XL and XXL produced through Razor Edge bloodlines.

2.      Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline

This is one of the amazing bloodlines of American bullies. It was developed by Richard Barajas. He performed a whole experiment to produce an amazing breed of American bully. During his experiment his first dog died then he took another dog named Notorious Juan Gotty.

This dog is heavily muscular and bulky. That’s why it is popularly known as the Gottiline bloodline. This breed became famous around the world. The dogs that are produced through this bloodline are mainly sports dogs and participate in various games including weight lifting. They look fierce but in reality, possess a very calm and friendly nature.

3.      Remyline Bloodline

Fabian Chichester developed this bloodline from Razor Edge in 2004. He used two dogs for breeding. The male dog is Remy and the female dog is Bella. The dogs that are produced through this bloodline are the most demanded ones throughout America. The dog lover wants to get the breed of this bloodline. This bloodline has exceptional worth in the market for producing high-quality bullies.

Because of Remy, this is known as the Remyline bloodline. The breed of this bloodline has a huge demand throughout the U.S. 1000s of dogs have been produced from the Remyline bloodline but the urge of this breed is still pretty high among the breeders. The most attractive quality of this bloodline is that the breed with the same features because of the same male dog.

4.      Colby Pitbull Bloodline

This bloodline of American bullies is fierce and highly aggressive. If you kept XL bullies at your home then this one is recommended for you. The dogs that are produced from this bloodline look very fierce as well and their temperament is also very high.

Their temperament is not as calm and friendly as the other bullies. They are not recommended to be kept at home among the kids. They are also known as sports dogs and participate in several games. They are very strong having long legs and a muscular body.

5.      Bully Camp Line:

This is one of the most famous bloodlines of American Bully. This bloodline is mainly popular due to its dog named Mr. Miagi produced from this camp line. It possesses the qualities and features of the breed of both Bully Camp and the Razor Edge. The bullies bred from this bloodline are very intelligent, attractive, and have perfect body features. They are the most demanded ones around the world.

6.      Golden Line Bloodline

The dogs produced from this bloodline are very loving, caring, and kind. They have a very cute body structure. They look so adorable. They are very intelligent with short and wider bodies. Due to their ethical and fantastic behavior, they are also called family dogs. In America, people love to keep them at home because they are very loyal with a calm temperament. Kids love to play with them as they are not aggressive and frightening. They are perfect for keeping them in homes among families and kids.

7.      Kingpin Line:

The bullies bred from this bloodline are very adorable like the bullies of the Golden Line. Pet lovers love to buy them due to their highest demand and good reputation as they possess a very kind nature. Apparently, the dogs produced from this bloodline look fierce and aggressive but they are extremely adorable with friendly behavior. People love to keep them at their place among their kids due to their calm nature. They are the perfect dogs for kids so pet lovers who have kids at their home can move to this bloodline.

8.      Edge of Gottiline

The dogs produced from this bloodline are extremely charming because of their micro size. They are very attractive due to their smallest body structure with a wider chest and a big head. The dogs produced through this bloodline are very calm and caring. Pet lovers love to keep them at their place due to their appealing features. They are so adorable and love to live between kids as they are supremely loveable pups.

9.       Nakamoto Bullies

This is one of the bloodlines of American bullies through which the dogs produce are highly exotic. They are bred by a family having a breeding business for a very long period. They have a son named Nakamoto that’s why the bullies produced from this bloodline are known as Nakamoto Bullies. This family has a breeding business and they produce bullies by using a veterinarian method. By using a certified method the bullies produced are highly perfect and healthy and they have an exceptional demand due to their amazing quality dogs.

10. Kurupt Bloodline

This bloodline is considered the newest addition to the list of bloodlines of American Bullies. The Bullies produced from this are giant, strong, and large-sized. They are popular among breeders and pet lovers due to their large body features. They are a combination of aggression as well as pleasant behavior. They are very loyal and obedient to their masters.


Final Thoughts

American bullies are very devoted animals. They are very loving, caring, and kind to their masters and friendly to the kids. That’s why people love to keep them at their houses. If you are a dog lover, this article is written for you. After reading it you can find the minor details regarding the different types of bloodlines of American bullies and the dogs breed from them.

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